Wegmans Furniture Industries Sdn Bhd


Centerpiece of the Quiet Corner

When it comes to contemporary bedroom furniture, comfort and beauty are indeed skin deep. The platform bed frame with sleek design obeys the rules of gravity for stability and gives room a more spacious feel. For all your nighttime necessities, the bedside drawer, armchair and bedroom bench complete the transformation.


A Sense of Balanced Harmony

The fascinating interplay of elegant patterned motif continues from the headboard to the armchair, adding some extra characters and themes to the room. The unique detailing and impeccable quality not only brings joy to the people who own it, but also the craftsmen who build it.


A Testament to Quality Sleep

Big ideas come from the little peacefulness of the quality nights you spend your time on. The natural colour blends in today’s colour schemes and deserves a special mention for that alone. The light-footed side table and the upholstered bench measure up to our classic design with simple function. The combination gives the room a substantial feel that plays a vital part of the comfort factor.


The Sleeping Beauty

This Scandinavian-style bedroom mix is part of our specialties and has evolved over the years. The tasteful upholstered bench optimises the usage and quality of a perfect seating area or night couch that you can really spend your nights on. The peaceful tones make you feel like sleeping under the stars.


Unlimited Attention

Wegmans’ exotic adornment comes from its rich and highly characteristic design and quality. Its bold and sophisticated accents are the result of unique craftsmanship and an array of stunning raw materials. Unwinding is easier than ever with Wegmans’ sturdy and externally classy centerpiece.