Wegmans Furniture Industries Sdn Bhd


A Peaceful Revolution With Excellent
Quality & Impeccable Style

A break of tradition and a touch of class, a truly exclusive environment. Our collection holds and assortment of exquisite design with delicate details that help you work and relax in style. Upholstered in beautifully-patterned fabric, it is ideal for you to put your own spin to your space with this refined and elegant look. Now it’s time to enliven your understand space with this elegant piece of art. Reveal a brighter side of yourself by making your space a thrill to look at.


Diverse Collaborations

Come to our atelier experience this beautiful solid piece. This piece is characterized by the way the backbone of the sofa and armchair is designed, with subtle oriental and Scandinavian influences. The blended design derives from classic and contemporary, Alludes to the strength of our craftsmanship. The ottoman makes a stunning addition to the interior and comfort.


A Space That Filled With Charm And Warmth

A Style That Knows No Boundaries. Wegmans transcends the conventional concept of sofa with space, vision and comfort proliferating, that brings every appealing component together to create a refined and stylish environment. Wegmans’ sofa is so handsomely crafted with the capture of clean lines that complements its curves. Those curves accentuate the shape and comfort, so inviting for you to take a moment to relax.


Transform House into Home

Here’s what makes our collections special. Our flexible modular design caters beyond the general masses and all pieces fit together and can be combined in countless way. Look no further and create a perfect area for you on a day to day basis. Tell your experience and inspiration to the quests and go with the flow, or just simply feel life flow with the world that you construct and experiment. Exercise the creative muscles in a place characterized by the visual and atmospheric charms.


Soothing Gateway

Wegmans’s pieces are not only the gorgeous focal points that punch up your dining space, they are also extravagant pieces to share big moments on every worth occasions that everyone will definitely appreciate. You know, the moments when you couldn’t ask for more.


Glowing Elegance

The path of illumination of your living environment is not only paved with lights but also with the right set of center piece that makes your space glow on its own. Wegmans’ array of masterpiece transcends the simple concept of elegance and splendidness.


Stylish Notion

Our collection holds an assortment of exquisite designs with delicate details that help you work and relax in style. Upholstered in beautifully-patterned fabric, it is ideal for to put your own spin to your space with this refined and elegant look.


Infinite Possibilities / The Homogenous Unity

The things we choose to surround ourselves with are unique clue to our personality and a sense of connection to our life. Our collections of furniture and the space meet in constellation to lend a room the desired atmosphere. It is not only a gathering momentum for people to spend more quality time together, but also an expression of our personal feeling for life that makes us who we are as one. Our pieces offer endless possibilities to comply with any modes of space and vision to communicate about present and the past, with enthusiastic concept and functional interpretation.

venza II

Combination for a Sophisticated Effect

It’s all begins by thinking outside box. Wegmans’ undivided attention and innovation on design truly elevates your precious space without compromising its function and comfort. Our pieces make all the difference.


Ravishingly Divide

Ultimate lounging sofa that makes your lounging neat and elegant. The super soft seat, functional cushion and sturdy wood material are carefully produced with special attention to quality and delicate details. Relax, enjoy the show.